Our show art is by Candice Botelho

About Never Post

Welcome to Never Post. We’re a member-supported, employee-owned podcast about and for the internet. 

Every other week, we publish an episode with segments about what's happening with, to, and on the internet. Our goal isn’t just to tell you whats happening, but to look – together – at how people are talking about whats happening. We want to search for context; we want to wonder; we want answers, sure, but even more so we want to ask questions about why the world of the internet – and the world, because of the internet – is the way it is. 

You’ll hear from our cast of producers about their own experiences living through this current media-and-tech moment, as well as from a wide range of guests: lawyers on the state of copyright and AI, security researchers about how ebooks have become tools of corporate surveillance, and artists about what it’s like to make things for … y’know … *gestures broadly*. 

Each episode is fully scored, and sound designed – crafted with love by some of the best and most accomplished audio pros working in podcasting today, in attempt to make a show that isn’t just about the internet, but which feels like it too (in the good, fun way – not the bad, overwhelming way … … … most of the time).

With Time...

Our goal is, first and foremost, to make a fun, interesting and sustainable show. We don’t have any VC funding or startup capital. Like other independent media projects – 404 Media, Defector, Aftermath and more – we’ve seen the limits of what that arrangement produces, and what it does to its workers. We want to try our hand at building something better, from scratch. The people who are making the show also own it, and have invested what they can to get it up and running. That may mean we start with fewer resources, but it also means we get to decide what success looks like. 

If things go well, and we’re able to grow, we want to do two things: 

First, we want to start accepting pitches from independent producers. We want to publish your stories about the internet. And we want to be able to pay you (a reasonable rate!) for making them. 

Second, we want to turn Never Post into an internet-community audio-resource. The show is new, but Never Post producers have, collectively, thousands of hours of experience producing audio for everything from local radio to Fortune 50 companies. We want to teach people how to do this work, and how to do it in a way that‘s not toxic, as so much of the media and content industries can be. We’d love to provide resources for everything from learning how to edit audio, to sound designing a podcast, to running an editorial meeting.

And Your Help...

To get to that point though, we need your help. We don’t have funders, investors, none of us is rich and as of right now we don’t even have advertisers. This means 100% of our operating budget comes from members

If you love the internet like we do, and want to help us try to make the world of media and content a little less bad overall … please consider joining us. And if you'd like to support us at a level beyond whats listed in the Membership Portal, please get in touch. We have some ideas.

What Is Charts & Leisure?

The short answer is: Charts & Leisure is the production company that makes Never Post.

The long answer is: Mike (host!) and Jason (executive producer!) have been pals for about a decade, and have worked on numerous audio projects under the banner of Jason's production company Charts & Leisure. They also, for example, make RIP Corp with Ingrid Burrington, and other C&L staff.

Never Post will rely on the business infrastructure of Charts & Leisure to responsibly manage your membership fees, and our budgets, expenses, and so on. Charts & Leisure has provided some resources to get Never Post off the ground, but it is not (and could not be) funding the show.

To keep Never Post running, we'll rely on audience support via membership, among other income streams. Once we know what those streams are ... we'll be very open and transparent about them. But it's early days yet.