The folks who make Never Post, in alphabetical order:

Audrey Evans – Researcher, Producer

Audrey Evans is a librarian and researcher based in the Hudson Valley and NYC. Most recently, she led network engagement at Data & Society Research Institute where she built strategies around original, empirical social science research to deepen the public’s understanding of issues arising from data-centric and automated technology and to advance a frame of justice and equity in technology.

She has extensive experience designing impactful, cross-disciplinary programs that bring together academics, computer scientists, civil and human rights advocates, journalists, policy makers, artists, practitioners, and individuals from impacted communities to translate expertise, grapple with the social, political and cultural implications of technology and build more collective, inclusive, and equitable approaches to technology.

Georgia Hampton – Producer

Georgia Hampton is a Chicago-based writer, editor, producer, and culture journalist whose work spans across a wide array of themes. She has published writing in the Chicago Reader, Airship, and has most recently worked as a podcast script writer in Spotify’s Parcast Studio. She has held multiple editorial positions in entertainment, news, and photography, and has been awarded for her work in all three areas.

As a writer, Georgia’s interests include unusual histories, the representation of masculinity on screen, media criticism, and the relationship between entertainment and the culture in which it is made. Her work has covered topics such as fairy belief in 19th century Ireland, the “Highway of Tears” in British Columbia, and the trope of the “sexy psychopath” onscreen. 

In addition to writing, Georgia is an award-winning photographer whose work has been published in the Chicago Tribune and F Newsmagazine. She was also the staff photographer at Millennium Park in Chicago. 

Hans Buetow – Senior Producer

Hans Buetow is an award winning podcast producer based in St. Paul, MN, who has worked in music and sound for nearly two decades. He has worked as a Senior Audio Producer at The New York Times and American Public Media, where he produced radio and podcast programming which reached millions of listeners. 

Hans has launched several shows, including Terrible, Thanks for Asking and 74 Seconds – which won a 2017 Peabody Award and the Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Documentary Gold Award. He has worked on dozens of shows, including Still Processing, Modern Love, The Daily, In The Dark, Smash Boom Best, Decomposed, Awesome Etiquette and Wits.

Hans currently works as an independent producer, editor and audio-storytelling teacher.

Jason Oberholtzer – Executive Producer

Jason Oberholtzer is a producer, editor, and composer who has created audio and written content for Longreads, Tumblr, Medium, Forbes, The Markup, The Awl and others. He is the founder of Charts & Leisure, an audio-first production company, and the popular Tumblr account I Love Charts, which reached nearly a million followers and collaborated with artists, academics, journalists and Obama’s White House.

As a consultant, he develops and manages content ecosystems — building, leading and scaling content production teams. His clients include 2k, Adobe, American Chemical Society, BBC America, Bloomberg, Colgate-Palmolive, The Economist, FuelCell Energy, Future of StoryTelling, IBM, Morningstar, SkillSoft and more. He frequently collaborates with agencies within Dentsu, Publicis and WPP, and with Gather: a collective of independent knowledge workers where he serves as Head Of Content.

Jason is a two-time published author of books related to publishing work on the internet.

Mike Rugnetta – Producer, Host

Mike Rugnetta is a writer, host, producer and sound designer who has been working in digital media since 2007. He’s the former host, writer, researcher and co-creator of the five-time Webby award winning YouTube series Idea Channel, co-produced by PBS Digital Studios. He has hosted two Crash Course series – World Mythology and Theater and Dramaturgy – and he currently produces the actual-play TTRPG podcast Fun City and the sound-studies podcast Reasonably Sound. He got his start as a member of the original cast of the Know Your Meme web series, produced by Rocketboom.

As a producer, Rugnetta has worked with Adobe, Duolingo, IBM, American Public Media, Future of Storytelling, Chanel and more. He has written for Vanity Fair, The National Conference on Citizenship, Complexly and others. He has worked as an independent researcher for Vine and YouTube.

The Mysterious Dr. Firstname Lastname - Producer

Not really a joke: there's an amazing producer who works on the show who can't be publicly named for a couple reasons. Their credentials are impressive, but we can't really tell you what they are because that would kinda give it away.

How many podcasts have a cool, mysterious, totally not at all threatening mystery producer, huh? Not many!